Unbiased Parachute ayurvedic hair oil review

Parachute ayurvedic hair oil Review

Let's talk about Parachute ayurvedic hair oil Review from Top to bottom

In this article, we are going to do a Parachute ayurvedic hair oil review which is based on my personal use & expereince.

Hair Oil is an essential part of hair care as it helps to make your hair healthier and shinier. You can look for a hair oil that suits your hair type as there are various oils available according to your type.

Paarachute Ayurvedic Hair Oil is a herbal blend that works to nourish your hair and promote natural growth. Made from a powerful combination of herbs and proven to work, it can also be used for other purposes such as scalp treatment, to promote blood circulation, and to eliminate dandruff.

There are many hair oils that claim to do something for your hair, but not all of them are able to actually deliver on the promises they make. Here is a list of considerations you need to take into account before using any hair oil, so that you can use it with confidence.

The article starts off by explaining the benefits of using parachute hair oil on my personal experience and why you should choose parachute ayurvedic hair oil. It then goes on to list the pros and cons of this product so that you can weigh your decision of whether or not it is worth buying.

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Key Ingredients of Parachute ayurvedic hair oil

  • Coconut

    Parachute Ayurvedic Hair Oil is a great product. Coconut oil is used as a base and the other ingredients include herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals. The oils penetrate deep into the scalp to nourish the hair roots and prevent dandruff.

  • Amla

    The benefits of amla are many, including its ability to help nourish and strengthen hair. It also helps prevent damage from free radicals, making it a powerful agent against hair fall.

  • Bhringhraj

    Bhringhrj is an ayurvedic oil which not only reduces hair loss but also promotes its growth. It's used for preventing premature graying, reducing dandruff, and giving the scalp a cooling sensation.

  • Tulsi

    Tulsi is a plant that has been used to treat various ailments and illnesses for centuries. Ayurvedic medicine advocates the use of Tulsi as a natural method for treating hair loss and dandruff.

Short Description of Parachute ayurvedic hair oil

Before we go ahead with the topic it is very important to know what the company says about its products. (If you are not interested in this part you can skip this paragraph)

The Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hair Oil is an effective formulation that combines the goodness of coconut oil with 25 potent ayurvedic herbs to provide you with a hair problem solution that reduces hairfall while also assisting in the resolution of other major hair issues.

The ingredients include amla, heena, methi, nagarmotha, kumari, brahmi, bhringraj, neem, yashtimadhu, jyothishmathi, japa, vata, mandukparni, kadi patta, kalonji, tulsi, flaxseed, jatamansi, haritaki, chakramard This ayurvedic oil is processed using the traditional Tel Pak Vidhi method, in which the ingredients are taken in exact proportions and formulated in oil to extract the essences, enhancing the oil’s efficacy.

Why you should Use Parachute ayurvedic hair oil?

  • Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Coconut Hair Oil is a premium hair oil that contains 25 ingredients that solve hairfall and other major hair problems. The product is made in small batches and does not contain any harmful chemicals or additives. It also has a herbal smell and does not cause any side effects.
  • This ayurvedic oil is very pure and natural. It has no chemicals or preservatives to it, which makes it an all-round choice. It moisturizes the scalp and also prevents dandruff by scrubbing off the dry skin cells that cause it.
  • This product has been formulated to solve the problem of split ends and make your hair look shiny and manageable. The ingredients in this oil are all natural so you can be sure that it will work without causing any side effects on your scalp or on your body.
  • I started using parachute advansed ayurvedic hair oil to deal with my hair thinning problem because I wanted to have a healthy and thick hair. This product for me for a really big relief from the stress of dealing with the thinning of hair.
  • Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hair Oil is an ayurvedic formulated oil that helps in nourishing and conditioning the hair without weighing it down or making it greasy or limp.
  • Parachute ayurvedic hair oil is the best natural oil for hair care. It helps in strengthening the roots of your hair and gives you a shiny, silky and stronger hair.
Parachute ayurvedic hair oil Review

Solve Hairfall

Parachute ayurvedic hair oil Review

Solves hair thining

Parachute ayurvedic hair oil Review

Helps in hair growth

How to use Parachute ayurvedic hair oil?

It is recommended to use the adequate amounts of Parachute Advanced Ayurvedic Hair Oil.

Massage gently into your hair’s roots and scalp. 2-3 hours before washing your hair

Rinse of with shampoo after 3-4 hours.

Apply the oil and massage it into the roots of the hair and the scalp before going to bed for the best results.

Note:- "This item Item is not returnable so if you buy this item, It will not be returned by the Amazon"

PROS and CONS (My Real Parachute ayurvedic hair oil Review)

When it comes to purchasing a best hair oil that solve your all hair problem in one go, you must be knowledgeable about the product.

There are numerous disadvantages and advantages to these new hair products. Consider both the positive and negative aspects of one while making your decision.

That is why we created this list of the Parachute ayurvedic hair oil disadvantages and advantages so that you can get all of the facts before making a purchase.


  • I have been using Parachute Ayurvedic Hair Oil for a couple of months now and I am really happy with it. It has a very mild fragrance that is not overpowering at all. It leaves a non-oily residue on the scalp which is so different from other hair oils I have used in the past.
  • The oil is exceptionally light in weight and doesn’t feel substantial at all on the scalp. This means that it doesn’t weigh my hair down or make it greasy at the roots.
  • Moreover, despite the fact that it contains fantastic herbs, it does not have that unpleasant odour. The scent of the oil is similar to that of coconut hair oil. The aroma is pleasant and mellow.
  • If you have normal hair growth, then naturally blackening it is as simple as dying it, because the melanin pigment is stored just at the root of the hair in the follicles and when it is exhausted it can be recharged through the scalp by rubbing in the ayurvedic hair oils with the pigment, scalp and skin absorb about 500 to 1500 ml of water during bathing, or some of the oil that is applied during treatment, so restoring black colour to the hair is not impossible.
  • The fragrance is very smoothing, which is the main thing I like about it. After about a month of use, my hair fall was reduced to 10% of what it was previously. In the winter, most coconut oil freezes and is nearly impossible to pour, but in this case, you can open the cap and squeeze. It is simple to extract and use palm oil. Recommend to anyone who enjoys ayurvedic products.


  • In winter, I don’t find this oil to be effective. In summer, it’s a lifesaver.

My Final Conclusion On Parachute ayurvedic hair oil

This Parachute ayurvedic hair oil review is based on my own personal experience and usage. With that, I will turn it over to you to make the final decision.

Overall, the Parachute ayurvedic hair oil is an effective product for curing dandruff. I think its combination of ingredients will leave your hair soft and shiny, while also making it stronger.

The results are very satisfying and I highly recommend this product to people who want their hair shiny and soft.

I would recommend this parachute ayurvedic hair oil to anyone searching for the best natural hair oil at a fair price.

Buy Rating

Parachute ayurvedic hair oil Price

The MRP of this hair serum is INR 185 but you get this product ranging from RS 130-140 on amazon depending upon the offer at that time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I think it’s coconut oil only and other ingredients are mixed in it you can clearly read all ingredients on pack itself

Yes, it is made with natural herbs.

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