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biotique bio kelp shampoo review

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If you are facing a serious trouble with your hair and looking for an unbiased biotique bio kelp shampoo review this article is for you.

Hair fall is an issue that will affect all of us at some stage in our lives. Biotique has a great line of shampoos and conditioners which come with the bonus of providing essential nutrients that keep your hair healthy and strong.

Gone are the days when people use to rely on prescriptions or supplements for hair fall. This all-natural product is made out of kelp extract and is packed with amazing ingredients that will help effectively treat hair loss!

It is a common thing that your hair falls from time to time. It becomes more problematic when you see your hair not only falling but also getting too thin and weak. We all know that our hairs are an essential part of our beauty.

In this article, I am going to introduce a shampoo which has been proved very successful for the people who have been facing hair problems. And here goes the biotique bio kelp shampoo review.


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Ingredients of Biotique bio kelp shampoo

  • Pure Kelp

    This shampoo is enriched with kelp which is rich in protein and minerals that support hair growth. As it detoxifies the follicles and strengthens your roots while maintaining the natural moisture of your skin.

  • Peppermint Oil

    Biotique Bio Kelp Shampoo helps in hair growth, healthy scalp, and preventing dryness. The shampoo consists of peppermint oil which is an antimicrobial, analgesic, and anesthetic. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory which helps your scalp from itchiness.

  • Mint Leaves Extract

    Perfect for oily scalps, mint leaves are an easy, common herb you can use in your hair to clear the scalp and promote hair growth. It’s especially good for removing oily residue on the scalp or anything that smells of fish oil or heavy food.

  • Neem

    The active ingredient in neem oil is nimbidin. Some older research suggests that nimbidin can help suppress inflammation, making it useful in the treatment of dermatitis, psoriasis, and other scalp irritations. Neem is also well-known for its antifungal properties. In some cases, dandruff and irritation can be caused by yeast buildup on the scalp, and neem can help you get rid of it.

How to Protect your hair from falling?

Before we go ahead on the topic you must know how to protect your hair from falling. Here are some ways

  • Hairstyles that pull on the hair should be avoided.
  • High-heat hair styling tools should be avoided.
  • Don’t bleach or chemically treat your hair.
  • Use a shampoo that is gentle and appropriate for your hair type.
  • Make use of a soft brush made of natural fibers.

How Kelp Is Beneficial for your hair?

Several minerals found in sea kelp, as well as iodine, will promote a healthier scalp and stronger hair. To strengthen and nourish hair and scalp, sea kelp has been added to shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments. Our hair and scalp require adequate hydration, and sea kelp will hydrate both whiles also improving dry hair.

Why you should Use Biotique Bio Kelp/Ocean Protein Shampoo?

  • Biotique bio kelp shampoo is an herbal shampoo that contains various ingredients like kelp extract, tea tree oil, peppermint extract, and eucalyptus essential oil. It is a revitalizing solution to your hair fall.
  • Also provides an intensive hair growth treatment, is high in vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, and contains natural proteins for fresh growth and a healthier shine for all hair types.
  • It has long been prized for its hair growth and strengthening properties. Also Nourishes the scalp and slows hair loss. Suitable for both men and women
biotique bio kelp shampoo review

How to use Mamaearth Castor Oil ?

Saturate your hair completely with warm, not hot, water.

Squeeze  a minimal quantity of shampoo into your palm.

Massage it into your scalp until it lathers. Work the shampoo through your hair, concentrating on the scalp.

Rinse your hair and scalp thoroughly.

Note:- "This item Item is not returnable so if you buy this item, It will not be returned by the Amazon"

PROS and CONS (My Real Biotique bio kelp Shampoo Review)

When it comes to purchasing biotique bio kelp shampoo that strengthens hair growth, you should be well-informed about the product.

However, this shampoo is a natural product. It’s not made from harsh chemicals and it doesn’t contain any fragrance or preservatives. It contains seaweed extracts that help hydrate the scalp and reduce sebum production.

But you know that every product has some good things and some bad things

So, here we compiled a list of the Pros and Cons in this article of biotique bio kelp shampoo review, So you know better about it before making a purchase.


  • A solid and dependable product. I felt all ‘natural’ after using it, and it did help to reduce my hair fall to some extent, but a shampoo alone cannot do it; other factors must also be considered, so I won’t say it is a magical product, but it did work quite well for me.
  • I can see a reduction in dandruff after just one wash, and it does not dry out your hair (use a conditioner for added hydration).
  • The benefit of this shampoo is that it is completely Ayurvedic, with no chemicals added. It is a very healthy product with almost zero side effects.
  • The mint and neem in this shampoo add some extra protective layer to the scalp and provide a cooling effect.


  • Even though I wasn’t a fan of the fragrance, I think that it is worth product because it has natural ingredients

My Final Conclusion On Mamaearth Castor Oil

This biotique bio kelp shampoo review is based on my own experience with the product. That being said, I’ll leave the final decision to you.

Overall, This shampoo is a natural product. It’s not made from harsh chemicals and it doesn’t contain any fragrance or preservatives. It contains seaweed extracts that help hydrate the scalp and reduce sebum production. The formula also helps relieve dandruff, scalp irritation, or dryness from styling products.

For the past two months, I’ve been using this product and am delighted with the outcomes in terms of hair fall.

I recommend this biotique bio kelp shampoo if you want an outstanding shampoo at a reasonable price.

Buy Rating

Biotique Bio Kelp Shampoo Price

The MRP of this hair shampoo is INR 159, but depending on the offer at the time, you can get it for RS 100-120 on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, biotique bio kelp shampoo is free from parabens and sulphate.

It won’t help you grow your hair much on its own, so you’ll need to take extra precautions.

No this is for external use only.

As far as I’ve experienced, it can entirely remove oil from hair, however, I’m not sure about castor/olive oil.

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