Unbiased Biotique papaya face wash review

biotique papaya facewash review

Let's talk about Biotique papaya face wash Review from Top to bottom

In this article, we are going to do a Biotique papaya face wash review which is based on my personal use & expereince.

The best face wash for you is the one that works with your skin. If you have sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, oily skin, or dry skin, it takes some trial and error to find the right product for you. But if you’ve found a face wash that’s been working for you for awhile now, keep using it!

Papaya is a fruit which helps clear your skin. The enzyme, papain, found in Papaya, helps eliminate acne-causing bacteria that can lead to breakouts.

Biotique is a skin care company that offers natural products made with herbs and herbal plants sourced from India. One of their most popular products is the Papaya Facewash. It’s marketed as an all-natural face wash that cleanses gently to promote healthy, radiant skin.

Biotique is a brand that I have used for long and has never let me down. The products are natural, gentle on sensitive skin. If you want to know more about Biotique papaya face wash review then this post will surely help you to find out about the product in detail.


Table of Contents

Ingredients of Biotique papaya face wash

  • Papaya

    Papaya is a tropical fruit that is believed to help with many skin issues. Papaya can be applied topically from a fresh fruit or from the liquid form in the market. When applying papaya to the face, it should be used in a circular motion in order to reach all areas of the face.

  • Neem Bark

    Neem is a "miracle tree" that offers a wide range of uses. It is a natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic. Neem leaf contains natural anti-aging properties, making it the perfect addition to any homemade face wash!

  • Walnut Shell Powder

    Walnut shell powder is an inexpensive scrub that can be used to exfoliate the skin. It is particularly good for individuals with sensitive skin because it won't irritate them like other scrubs might. It can be mixed with honey or vinegar to make a mask or added to creams and lotions to make them more exfoliating.

Short Description of Biotique papaya face wash?

Before we go ahead with the topic it is very important to know what the Biotique says about Papaya Facewash. (If you are not interested in this part you can skip this paragraph)

The formula is designed with a blend of natural fruit acids and skin-essential oils to gently remove impurities, exfoliate and hydrate the skin. This facewash restores skin’s pH balance without stripping it from its natural essential oils.

Biotique Papaya Face wash is a fresh foaming gel blended with papaya fruit that helps dissolve dead surface cells, unclog pore openings and smooths the way for clear skin to surface. Gentle refining action uncovers skin’s natural brightness while removing impurities.

Why you should Use Biotique papaya face wash?

  • This facewash is made with 100 percent botanical extracts and natural ingredients. It dissolves dead surface cells, which helps make your skin softer and smoother; this effect is long-lasting.
  • The Biotique Papaya Facewash is a skin friendly soap-free, fragrance-free and alcohol-free flush that removes dirt and helps restore the skin’s pH balance
  • This refreshing foaming gel contains papaya fruit, which helps to dissolve dead surface cells, unclog pore openings, and smooth the way for clear skin to emerge. A gentle refining action discloses skin’s natural brightness, resulting in a younger-looking complexion.
  • The luscious tropical fruit papaya is known for its rejuvenating and healing properties. Papaya, which is high in vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals, can act as a youth activator and natural exfoliator to revitalise skin without causing inflammation or irritation.
Biotique papaya face wash Review

Dissolves dead surface cells

Biotique papaya face wash Review

Revitalize skin

Biotique papaya face wash Review

Deep Cleanses

How to use Dove Daily Shine Shampoo?

Massage the wet face and neck gently with your fingertips.

Wait for 30-60 seconds till it forms lather, Rinse with water

Apply it every morning and evening for better results.

Note:- "This item Item is not returnable so if you buy this item, It will not be returned by the Amazon"

PROS and CONS (My Real Biotique papaya face wash Review)

It can be difficult to find a good face wash- whether it is sensitive enough for your skin, or the right fit for your lifestyle, below you will find out is this best for your skin?

There are many face washes on the market today, which ones are best? Do they work? Are they too expensive? And if you’re looking for natural ingredients in your face wash, then check out the Pros and Cons of Biotique’s Papaya Facewash.

That is why we created this list of the Biotique Papaya face wash pros and cons so that you can get all of the facts before making a purchase.


  • I used this product for the first time about 4 months ago and was completely impressed with its essence. The product smelled like natural ingredients and did not have the feel of chemical-based face scrubs.
  • It is a very light and gentle face wash that helped me get rid of dirt, excess oil and even some small bumps that I had on my forehead.
  • Apply a little more but gentle pressure and massage once a week (while using as a scrub). It will perform the function of a scrubber.
  • It took a little while to figure out how to use it, but works wonders if used in a right way. On daily basis (while using as a facewash) just massage gently for not more than a minute. I use it every other day, and it still keeps my skin smooth.
  • The product was very good. It washed my skin really well and left it feeling clean and smooth with a chamomile scent. I have been using this product for over a month now. The price is reasonable as well, but the only downside is I am not sure if it’s worth it.


  • Please don’t use this for oily skin. It will make you feel more oily. I have a combination not oily skin and it made my skin feel greasy. If you have dry or normal skin, I’m sure it’s great

My Final Conclusion On Biotique papaya face wash

This Biotique Papaya face wash review is based on my own personal experience and usage. With this, you have to make a decision whether you have to purchase or not.

I have been in a really good skin condition since I started using this product. It is gentle on my skin, but still removes all the impurities and leaves my skin clean. It also has a calming effect on my sensitive skin, so I’ve noticed that it’s especially soothing for me when I had any breakouts.

I can’t say enough good things about this face wash. I love the ingredients, the scent, and how fresh my skin feels afterwards. For me personally, this has been a game-changer.

I would highly recommend Biotique Papapaya Facewash to everyone. It leaves your skin clean, fresh and supple. It is my favorite now.

Buy Rating

Biotique papaya face wash Price

The MRP of this papaya facewash is INR 150 but you can get this product ranging from RS 130-140 on amazon depending upon the offer at that time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

It is a daily use product even twice a day.. Morning an evening

Both Men and Women use this.

No, Thir is another product for dark spot MORNING NECTAR FACEWASH

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