Unbiased Biotique bhringraj oil review

Biotique bhringraj oil review

Let's talk about Biotique bhringraj oil Review from Top to bottom

In this article, we are going to do a Biotique Bhringraj Oil review which is based on my personal use & expereince.

The major and common cause of hair fall is tangling of hairs which causes breakage and also decrease in the amount of blood circulation in that area. This oil can help to decrease that problem with natural ingredients like Bhringraj, amla, neem, brahmi, aritha, shikakai along with other oils such as sesame oil, coconut oil and almond extract.

Bhringraj or Eclipta alba, is a shrub used for treating various skin and hair problems. It has been found to be more effective than amla in reducing dandruff and improves dry scalps.

Biotique bhringraj oil is a specialized hair care product that contains Bhringraj, which is an Ayurvedic herb used to treat scalp disorders. The oil is helpful for premature graying, hair loss, dandruff, and other scalp problems.

Today, there are a lot of hair products out in the market promising you this or that for your hair. But do they really work? Do they even get the job done right? If you’re stuck with these questions, then this article is for you! We’ll be reviewing one of these hair products that has been getting rave reviews from people – the Biotique Bhringraj Hair Oil. This article will tell you what ingredients are in it, its benefits, how to use it, and its Pros and Cons


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Key Ingredients of Biotique bhringraj oil

  • Bhringraj Oil

    One of the most widely used herbs in Ayurveda is Bhringraj. It is a plant that grows in India and Pakistan. The leaves of the plant are used to make a hair oil that protects hair from damage and breakage, while also promoting hair growth. In addition, it has been found to be effective in treating scalp conditions such as dandruff.

  • Brahmi

    Brahmi, the Ayurvedic herb for hair growth, is also known as Bacopa or Herpestis Monniera. Known to rejuvenate the skin and scalp, this herb is rich in antioxidants that prevents premature aging. It stimulates follicle development and growth and has properties that prevent hair loss and improve immune response of the scalp.

  • Amla

    Amla is a herb that has been used for centuries to not only clean hair and skin, but also to promote hair growth and repair damaged hair. Amla oil is the extract of this herb and it has seen a recent resurgence in popularity.

Short Description of Biotique bhringraj oil

Before we go ahead with the topic it is very important to know what the company says about Bhringraj oil. (If you are not interested in this part you can skip this paragraph)

Biotique Bhringaraj hair oil is a herbal formulation which will help in nourishing hair and also help hair grow. Massage on scalp with Biotique Bhringraj oil for few minutes to get the desired result. This will replenish the natural oils of head, improve elimination of dirt and grease, reduce itching of scalp, soften roots, strengthen new growth and promote healthy hair.

Biotique bhringraj oil is perfect for people who suffer from alopecia. It stimulates hair growth while also strengthening the roots of the already existing hair. Biotique bhringraj oil helps to grow back your natural, healthy hair quickly and effectively.

Why you should Use Biotique bhringraj oil?

  • This ancient Ayurvedic botanical formula is used to promote healthy hair, skin and nails. Biotique Bhringraj oil has been sourced out of the Himalayas region which is renowned for its wealth of herbs, spices and plants.
  • Biotique bhringraj oil is a herbal hair oil that helps to reduce greying. It is a natural ingredient that prevents the hair from going grey by adding nutrients and slowing hair loss.
  • Biotique bhringraj oil is a terrific hair care product that nourishes the scalp and strengthens hair strands to encourage fresh growth. The product also promises a remedy against hair loss and dandruff. Made of natural ingredients, it’s a great way to improve the quality of your hair.
  • Biotique bhringraj oil is made with organic Brahmi amla cocont oil and goat milk. Biotique bhringraj oil will help your hair grow lush and thick while smelling great. 
  • Biotique bhringraj oil is used to treat alopecia and other hair problems. This oil stimulates hair growth, promotes hair re-growth, increases dry, thinning hair, prevents dandruff, strengthens the scalp’s immune system, improves the quality of hair and even reduces some types of acne.
Biotique bhringraj oil Review

Reduce Hairfall

Biotique bhringraj oil Review

Intensive hair growth

Biotique bhringraj oil Review

Help diminish greying

How to use Biotique bhringraj oil?

Apply a generous amount to dry hair and scalp.

Gently massage in with circular motions

Leave on for 30 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly with water.

Note:- "This item Item is not returnable so if you buy this item, It will not be returned by the Amazon"

PROS and CONS (My Real Biotique bhringraj oil Review)

When it comes to purchasing a good hair oil that promotes hair and reduces hairfall, you must know about the product.

New hair products have numerous advantages and disadvantages. When making a decision, consider both the positive and negative aspects of one.

That is why we created this list of the Biotique Bhringaraj oil that you can get all of the facts before buying.


  • I believe my search for a good hair oil has ended with this one; it is exactly what I was looking for because I needed a hair oil that is pure (chemical free), medicinal, and, most importantly, free of any artificial scent, as I despise smelly oils. So, thankfully, this oil meets all of my requirements. It also has a mild but fresh and pleasant odour, which I enjoy.
  • I have alopecia, a condition in which my body’s immune system attacks the hair roots; there is no cure for it in allopathic medicine, so I began looking for good ayurvedic alternatives. I tried a few overly marketed products that did not produce any results, then I searched here to find an ayurvedic product and I came across this, so I just tried and with just three times use (I usually apply it on Sunday morning and leave it on until afternoon and then wash it
  • Biotique bhringraj oil is a natural hair care product that works to strengthen the roots. This oil also has many other benefits like making the scalp healthy and it can also nourish the hair follicles.
  • Today, I applied this oil to my scalp with a gentle massage and cleaned my hair after 30 minutes. I was surprised to see only three hairs fall out during shampoo, and I haven’t noticed a single hair fall since (evening). I’m quite impressed with the first application; I’ll keep using it for a month to see what happens.
  • It has a very mild scent that does not irritate at all, and the consistency is similar to that of regular oil, so it absorbs quickly.


  • I can’t comment up on the more hair growth and less hair fall claims because I don’t actually observe properly. But it does have a very pleasant fragrance coming from it.

My Final Conclusion On Biotique bhringraj oil

This Biotique Bhringraj oil review is based on my own personal experience and usage. With that, I will leave it up to you to make the final call.

Biotique’s bhringraj oil has been a favorite of mine for years. I used it to grow back my hair from a severe breakage caused by a home dye kit incident. My hair has been strong and healthy ever since.

I am very impressed with this product. It does not contain chemicals or harsh ingredients. It’s very gentle on my hairsand doesn’t leave me feeling greasy at all. It also works great on my hair, leaving it soft and shiny. I’d recommend this to anyone who is looking for a natural product that really works!

I would recommend this Biotique Bhringraj oil to anyone searching for a good anti hairfall oil at a fair price.

Buy Rating

Biotique bhringraj oil Price

The MRP of this hair oil is INR 286 for two, on amazon depending upon the offer at that time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes it is good for any hair types.

I’ve been using this oil for a year now. I wouldn’t say anything about hair thinning or anything else. However, this is a very light oil that produces excellent results.

Apply generously on scalp and hair and massage in circular motion. Leave on for at least half an hour before washing it off.

No, that is not a good option… This oil is a little sticky, so if you go with it, your hair will fall out…

It’s hard to say exact time for growing new hair; but it is good for hair fall for my dry scalp.

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